13 on Thursday: 13 New Changes to Cheeky Visionaries

Back in the day, I had no business… just a regular old ordinary blog. Okay just kidding. Nothing I do is ordinary (bwahaha), but I did have a blog.

One of my favorite things about blogging back then, was blog memes. Now when you say “meme” most people picture Ryan Gosling saying “Hey girl“. But for those of us bloggers, a meme referred to a themed post with a linkup. Like “Wordless Wednesday” were everyone would post just a photo.

One of my favorites was Top 10 Tuesday. But after a while, the host turned it over to another blogger, who later teamed up with another blogger, who later took it over… and now it solely exists in the realm of homeschool bloggers.

And while I DO homeschool, I don’t want to ONLY make lists of homeschool stuff. So I looked. There are a few Top 10 variations, but they’re mostly hosted by book bloggers (look for that to reappear on my book blog The Well Read Unicorn).


So here we are… after chatting with my Mom, and a few other souls who remember the good-ole days (and I can say that! I’ve been blogging since LiveJournal…. ooooooh!), I decided to start my own, 13 on Thursday. This also gave me the kick in the pants to finalize some changes I’ve been working on around here.

1. Fresh new look to the site…

  • Tweak on the colors
  • New, airier theme
  • More room for my photos 🙂

There’s still a few kinks to work out, but it’s a start!

2. Virtual assistance has been removed from my services

At least for now… I’ve got a full VA roster at the moment, so a waitlist will be created soon, in case I add more clients down the road. But for now, my focus will be on supporting creative mamas who are ready to conquer the world.


3. More geekiness

It’s a well established fact, that I relish the worlds in geek-dom… Firefly, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, (but no BSG). But it’s not something that gets referenced all that often on my blog. No more! I will be letting my pop-culture flag fly high, and feeling free to drop references to the books, movies, and shows that capture my affection.

4. More short posts

Most of my peeps are busy. Mama, entrepreneurs… heck just being a woman is busy. And I’m aware that you/we/I don’t always have time to devour a super-long post, so stay tuned for a better mix of posts, including some video, some longer-form, and some shorter ones.

5. More sassafrass

Despite having the word “cheeky”, I’ve been afraid to let too much snark fly. I’ve seen some bloggers fly straight over the line of sarcasm/sass, right over into territory that I find to be inappropriate. So I shied completely away from being cheeky, because I was afraid of being classed with bloggers like that.

But here’s the deal… my personality type is snarky (INTJ), I’m snarky, and my some of my favorite comedians have a very dry/wry sense of humor (Jim Gaffigan being high on the list). But don’t worry, you won’t find me talking about my sex life (ever), or joking about my kids being a-holes (seriously!?), or bombing my posts with strong language.

6. No more comments about me being an INFP

You may have noticed above, that I referenced being an INTJ. We figured out that I had been mistyped… there were some facets of INFP that were very much me (now we know it’s where the IN part is), but as my sister likes to point out… I’m very judgey. Not in a “judgemental” sense (something many people misunderstand about the J part of MBTI), but more in a “I make instant assessments”. J’s are also the listy/planny people… 😀

Actually, hilariously enough, when I was re-testing, and questioning if I’m “truly” a list person (because I don’t always remember to use my to-do lists), my sister pointed out that I have an Evernote list of the MBTI types of other members of our family. Ha!

7. Less “business with a blog”, more “blog with a business”

I love the more personal feel that mom-bloggers, craft-bloggers, etc., and I want to evoke that feel on here. So yes, I will still have coaching, ebooks, etc., but it won’t take up the majority of my blogging/social media/networking time.


Flower and brushes

8. More peeks into my creative side

I have a vast array of creative pursuits, which very rarely make appearances on here. But I don’t just work with creatives… I’m a creative soul too! I love seeing what other people are up to, so I’m hoping you feel the same way. 🙂 And I’m taking a class on a new creative skill, I’ll share the deets here, so you can join me if you like!

9. Change to coaching style

Previously, I’ve done a monthly group coaching program, and one-on-ones… my one-on-ones were just for general creative coaching, or general business coaching.

Coming soon: I’ll be opening up limited time slots for very niched coaching (such as: creating systems to prepare your business to take on a virtual assistant). For any group programs, I’m looking at more of 1x virtual workshop feel, as opposed to monthly programs. We can dig in as a group on another (specific) topic, and have fun!

I adore monthly programs, but as a mom of 5 kiddos, I was running myself ragged trying to keep up with all of it. So I’m creating programs that will work better with my crazy life, and hopefully better with your crazy life too! 🙂

10. More community building

Coming soon: Interviews, features, and guest posts! I want to build a tight community of creatives, and shine a light on the amazing things you’re doing out there!

11. More about running a biz with kids

This is probably one of the biggest questions I get… how do you run a business with 5 kids?… especially when they find out that we homeschool too. I’m not super-woman I swear, but I have been fairly quiet about this aspect. Mostly out of the assumption, that it wouldn’t make a very interesting topic… but it’s my life! Plus, I think it would be helpful to other mamas, if I drop the curtain, and remove the mystery from this aspect of my business.

12. More about my kids in general

So it may have been mentioned a time or two in this post… but I have 5 kids. They are (obviously) a HUGE part of my life… but again, I’ve shied away from really talking about my kids. But then a business friend of mine (shout-out Mayi) mentioned that she loves my Facebook posts about my kids.

I know a lot of people who think kids are boring, but they’re anything but… my 3 year old has said things that have had be laughing my face off. Even my husband, who’s not very active on social media, will frequently say “that’s totally going on Facebook, isn’t it?”

So watch out for wackiness from my kidlets, cause they’re a hoot, and with all the crazy in the world, we could all use a laugh, right?


13. This feature…

It’s a party, and you’re invited! Each week, pick a topic, and post about 13 things related to the topic of your choice: 13 jobs I’ve had, 13 things no one knows about me, 13 of my favorite books, 13 things I loved when I was 13… anything! The only thing I ask, is that you keep it PG. 🙂

Then you just come here, and add it to the linky! <3

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