Confession time… I unsubscribed from 49 newsletters this week. Yeah. 49. Not all of them were my fault (more on that later), but still… it was clogging up my inbox! I was spending 20 minutes a day deleting emails, and I finally decided it would be easier to see what all was actually coming in.

1. You don’t enjoy the emails anymore

It’s okay! You signed up for that really cool webinar, but now you just don’t jive with that speaker anymore. It happens, and it’s okay. Unsubscribe.

2. You didn’t mean to sign up for them specifically

You signed up for a giveaway, thinking you’d be put on 1 person’s newsletter…. but you got added to 17 people’s newsletters. Booooo. Unsubscribe from everyone you don’t care about.

3. You sign up for that many newsletters

You signed up for that one guy’s newsletter, but wow… you got added to 4 of his lists. Unsubscribe from the one’s you didn’t care about… it’s totally okay!

4. You didn’t sign up for that many emails

When you signed up, it was once a week, but now she blogs daily (and doesn’t have a digest option). If you love her, set aside time to read it with a cup of coffee, and make it a treat rather than a chore.

5. You need to get  more stuff done

Whoa. No one can keep up with that much email, and you’ve got that new project you’re excited about. Purrrrrrrrrrge!

6. You moved (and it was a local biz)

Yeah. It happens. I’m moving in March, and I didn’t think that would be happening anytime soon.

7. Your niche (or theirs) changed

Yup. This happens too. I’ve recently shifted from doing VA work, so not everyone wants to be on my list anymore, and that’s okay!

8. You need room for more emails

Okay, I’m joking… maybe. It depends on how you have your email set up. If it’s all on the server, and you’re just reading… it’s just visual clutter. If you’re downloading them from the server… yikes!

9. You scare your type-A friends

Okay, I’m only half joking on this one. I have been known to have a figurative heart attack upon seeing an inbox with over 10K emails in it. Unread. With dust on them. And mold. Poor, sad, lonely, graveyard of abandoned emails.

10. You might be overlooking important emails in the chaos

Truth. My Mom has even mentioned accidentally overlooking something she needed, because there was too much going on in her inbox. And if you run a business, sometimes that equals loss of money, or a missed opportunity. Don’t become a cautionary tale for future entrepreneurs. Don’t do it!

11. “She doesn’t even go here!”

Okay, sorry… Mean Girls reference… seriously though, if you haven’t worked with that client in 2 years… probably safe to get rid of most of those emails. If you handle work like photography, or graphics, perhaps keep their work + contracts in a Dropbox folder, and then delete the emails.

12. It’s not Christmas anymore

Seriously. If it’s a sale from even 2 weeks ago, probably safe to assume those items are no longer on sale…. and may not even be available at all!

13. You don’t want to miss that fab sale from DSW!

Okay insert your store of choice here. I happen to adore boots, so I get excited when the fall sales at DSW start hitting my inbox. I also get excited for Sephora emails, ELF emails, and thanks to my friend April… Anthropologie emails. My friends are bad influences. 😀

Did you know I wrote a sanity-saving guide to cleaning up your inbox? 


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