I was originally going to go into depth on these… but then I realized I’m very passionate about this, and it would turn into quite a lengthy post. So, look out for 13 posts (1 on each topic) going into more detail about this. 🙂 If you don’t want to miss any of these posts, you can subscribe up top, or stalk my FB page.

1. Don’t put unnecessary limitations on them.

2. Create an art box.

3. Don’t pressure them to live out your dreams.

4. Have multi-use toys.

5. Expose them to creativity in various forms.

6. Discourage boredom (but don’t fill their time either).

7. Teach your child that creativity lives beyond most people’s boxes.

8. Discourage perfection (yes I said it).

9. Don’t make comparisons between them and their siblings (or friends).

10. Raise them to believe that you can make a living with art.

11. But remind them that it doesn’t have to be monetized.

12. Encourage silliness (and play silly games)!

13. Be creative around them.


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