20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

20 Things You Didn't Know


1. I’ll be 28 this month, and I have 4 children. Most people have figured out I have kids, but they can’t quite put their finger on how many. And even fewer know the number, combined with my age. And yes I get weird looks all the time, lol.

2. I thoroughly enjoy Weird Al Yankovic, but I disagree with him when he says “the only question I ever thought was hard, was do I like Kirk or do I like Picard”? Team Picard. Always.

3. The Cupid Shuffle was the class dance for my US Air Force tech school graduation. Don’t ask me why. Oh wait, cause it was the instructor’s favorite song ever.

4. I can do the Cha Cha Slide in 5″ heeled boots. I proved it during tech school, and later at a squadron Christmas party. You had no idea the military danced so much did you? Oh wait, YouTube already outted them. Ha!

SingingAnthem 5. Speaking of the military, I sang the National Anthem at 13 on & off base events. The events included 2 boxing matches (one is pictured to the left), 1 football game, 1 3rd of July celebration (yes the 3rd, so we could spend the 4th with our families), 1 squadron merger ceremony, and 2 retirement ceremonies.

6. Speaking of singing, I can sing in public just fine, but the idea of speaking in public is scary. But I want to be a speaker. Go figure!

7. My last baby was the first one that I had all naturally, and he was my biggest baby. He broke the 10 pound mark! And honestly, there were moments that I didn’t think I could make it, but now that I did I’m so proud of myself.

8. I knew the American Sign Language alphabet when I was very small. In fact, I knew it better than my Sunday school teacher, and apparently I was quite willing to let her know how to do it correctly.

9. Out of 10 children, I’m the only one who wasn’t born in Texas.

10. I’m teaching myself Photoshop, and I’m addicted to photography apps for the iPhone/iPad.

11. My beloved photography tool is a reburb’d Nikon D5100 that I snagged off of eBay. My lessons on DSLR vs. point & click started immediately, when I discovered that you have to purchase the lens separately (unless it specifically says it includes the kit lens).

12. I’m adore washi tape, but I’ve never been able to play with it, because I don’t even know where you buy it around here.

13. I adore furniture in rich shades of mahogany & cherry, but somehow I’ve wound up with a lot of black furniture. At least it all matches!

14. I already have my future house picked out. Its picture, and all pertinent info on size/price/location are glued to my vision board.

15. My husband & I have a story that sounds like a chick flick. Short story version – when we met, he liked me, I didn’t like him, 9.5 months later we were married. Long story version – maybe in a post someday?

16. My grandmother passed away suddenly 2.5 months before we got married. She was represented at the wedding as a teddy bear, because as long as I can remember she collected teddy bears. My grandpa was supposed to be seated next to the bear, but there was a mishap and he was seated elsewhere. He told me later that he was glad, because he would have cried. The bear was wearing a purple shirt (her favorite color), and we had placed her necklace around the bears neck. But we got pictures of him holding the bear. It probably sounds weird, but it was right that she be there in some form.

17. I had 7 piercings when I went into the military. But you have to remove them all during basic training, and 3 of them closed up. And no I’m not telling where they are, or I’ll shatter this amazing mysterious air I’ve just built up. 😀

18. I like doing nails for my family, but I don’t like doing my own nails. It’s not that I don’t like my nails being done…I just don’t like doing my own. But I’ll paint my toenails anytime.

19. I don’t like it when people holler about Jesus’ love, while being wholly unloving. I’m pretty sure the Bible had something to say about people who mess with their neighbor’s eye-splinter, while ignoring the plank in their own eye. I love Jesus. I love my church. Not a fan of religious hypocrisy. Or any hypocrisy for that matter.

20. I firmly believe that Jesus loves all of us. All colors. All creeds. All nationalities. All lifestyles. And I firmly believe that it’s possible to disagree with someone’s lifestyle, but still love them wholeheartedly.

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