The 3 Focus Challenge: February Update

All the gurus will tell you I’m about to make a big mistake. “Never apologize for a lack of blog posts” they’ll hiss in horror. But you know what? I rarely listen to the gurus. So here goes…

I am SO sorry that the last time you heard from me was the January update. And I could tell you any number or things…

  • I could tell you it’s a busy season for several of my clients.
  • I could tell you my computer decided to be a freak show mid-month.
  • I could tell you that my living room isn’t wired for lights, and it’s the rainy season in Virginia.

All of those things are true, but none of them are a good enough explanation. Really it just boils down to one simple thing… I’ve been floundering. I figured out in October that I wanted to do art, but making a transition from being a VA to being an artist has been a bit bumpy.

It’s one thing to love making art, and it’s another to have the confidence to put it out there. And it’s one thing to believe that everyone’s art is beautiful and has merit, and it’s another to realize that applies to your art too. And, it’s one thing to know you want to make art… but it’s a whole other ballgame to know how you’ll sell that art. And what you’ll make… specifically.

It's one thing to love making art, and it's another to have the confidence to put it out there. Click To Tweet

But mid-month, I had the seed of an idea planted, and it grew into this amazing concept that I will be sharing in my next post (which will be in a few days… not in a month… #pinkieswear)

So let’s dive into what I accomplished for the 3 Focus Challenge this past month.

Note: Any links with an asterisk* next to them are affiliate, which doesn’t add anything to your cost, it just gives me a tiny kickback. However, I do not share links to anything I’m not a fan of.

Personal Focuses


I mentioned last month that I needed a few colors to start a class on how to paint a sunflower from my friend Bonnie Lecat*. I placed an order for those colors, and some Princeton Glacier brushes from Black, and those have all arrived and are on my table.

For my upcoming secret-until-next-week project, I’ve also purchased a few books that discuss acrylic painting, and I’m compiling a list of any specific colors I’ll need to acquire for those.

I haven’t purchased any canvases yet, but I don’t really think I need canvases while I’m learning.

Coming Up:

– More acrylics purchases
– Picking up more canvases on Hobby Lobby’s next “package of 2” special
– Bonnie Lecat’s class
– Digging into the secret project


My BlackMoon lipstick, and ColourPop purchases arrived (pictures to come soon). I‘ve had 2 BoxyCharm* boxes come in, and I’m definitely keeping them around… and starting in March I’ll be posting unboxings to my YouTube channel. I’ve only had one Ipsy bag*, so the jury is still out on them, but I will say so far it seems better than the first time I had them.

I posted on Instagram a little bit in stories, and one post in my feed showing off a look using the Dream St palette from ColourPop.

Coming up:

– More looks popping up in Instagram
– Unboxings on my YouTube channel
– My 2nd Ipsy bag


Okay still haven’t figured out a way to track progress on this one. Thoughts?

I tested out Vanidoo, and it’s supposed to work you through vocal exercises… but I’m not too convinced of it’s accuracy. And I tried out Music Tutor, but it’s only helpful if you’ve already learned/memorized the notes on a music sheet. It seems to help build speed, but it’s not for teaching you to read the notes.

I’ve found a different app called “Notes Teacher” and I’m hoping that will better suit my needs. Once I get set up in my office (it’s been too cold in there) I’ll be setting up my keyboard piano, and I’ve also got a few apps I’m looking at for learning to play piano as well.

Coming Up:

– I’ll test out Notes Teacher
– Same with Piano Dust Buster

Business Focuses


Still haven’t chosen my Canva templates, but we’re starting the 3rd month of the year, so I basically need to choose those as soon as I publish this post.

Now that I know what direction I’m going with my art, I need to rework the Pinterest to match that vision!

And you may have noticed that Pinterest services were not launched yet…. so that’s still on the list.

Coming up:

– Choose the Canva templates
– Rework my Pinterest account
– Finish taking Pinning Perfect
– Officially launch Pinterest services on my site


I’ve found a few Instagram “patterns” that I’m looking at, to decide what will help me work in all the content I want on my Instagram. I’ve also signed up for Follower to Fan with Tyler J. McCall, and I’ll see how that goes!**

I had a discount code from Clickin Moms for a backdrop from Medium, so a few days ago I ordered the “slate” style backdrop and it just came in, so now I need to take some pictures using it, and see how it looks. I also want a lighter one, but I’m trying to decide which one I want.

Coming Up:

– Try out one of the patterns for March and see how it goes
– Purchase a few more major props
– Go through the modules in Follower to Fan and implement them
– Take advantage of a sunny day and get some photos taken


Okay I didn’t do much with this for February, for a lot of the reasons mentioned at the beginning of the post. I need to move into my office, because even though it’s a bit chillier in there, it’s also got more light, because almost half the room is lined in windows.

And I didn’t read Vlog Like A Boss. See? I’m keeping it super real here… I don’t just go 100% all year long on my topics. But I still learn A LOT by the end of the year.

I did join Jessica’s VidFluential U… I haven’t done a whole lot with it just yet. I actually paid for it while I was sitting in the Genius Bar waiting for the Apple peeps to fix my computer. That’s also when I paid for Follower to Fan. I wanted to maximize my waiting time. Ha!

One thing that’s very apparent from January to February is that I cannot wing it. If I don’t map out my game plan for what I’ll video, it just flat doesn’t happen.

Coming Up:

– Go through the modules in VidFluential U
– Read Blog Like a Boss
– Map out my videos for YouTube – include unboxings, book hauls, and creative process videos
– Map out my videos for Instagram & Facebook

How are you doing with your creative exploration this year?

**I’m an affiliate with Tyler’s Follower To Fan Society, and this link lets you try it out for $30 for 30 days. In return, please put my name on your membership form where it asks “Did someone refer you to The Society? Tell us who!”





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  1. My business things seem to be happening but I’m lacking in the personal creative pursuits. This seems to be the trend for me. haha

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