The 3 Focus Challenge: March Update

Can you believe that it’s already the 2nd Quarter of the year? It’s April… which is crazy because yesterday was Christmas.

In the last month I moved into my office… my workspace has changed a few times since we moved to Virginia. I started in the sunroom, but it was too cold in there when winter hit, so I moved into my bedroom… but then I was up until all hours of the night, because apparently if there’s a computer nearby, I fell compelled to keep working. #workaholic

So then I tried having a workspace out in the living room so I could spend time around the kiddos, and work… problem is, we’re still working on boundaries, and they think Mom working in the living room, means Mom wants every-5-second updates on this episode of Teen Titans Go. Mom does not.

So now that spring has arrived (or so it insists in-between snowflakes) it should be warming up in my sunroom soon, so I’ve officially moved back. We also unpacked a lot of my books, which we hadn’t done before, so I had to get some new bookshelves (oh darn *finger snap*).

I now know that I need more rooms in my next house. If you’ve seen pictures of my house, you’re probably like.. girl say what? But really… I need a room just for my books. See? That’s right. Now you’re nodding your head, cause you want the same thing. I need a library, with a big jahonking fireplace, window seats, ceiling high shelves, and one of those rolly ladder things like Willy Wonka has. Just kidding… the upper levels of my shelves will hold book merch.

I love the look of rolling ladders, but practically, I’d hate them. I’m a shortie and I like my stuff in arms range, cause dang I have to use a step stool for EVERYTHING.

But anyway, there’s my March update… I did a lot of unpacking. I still have some to do, but that’s a start. So now let’s dive into what I accomplished for the 3 Focus Challenge this past month.

Personal Focuses


I didn’t do anything new with acrylics, because most of my attention was on moving. This was really a down month for creativity. I viewed it as a strategic move to make room for MORE creativity. So everything I still needed to do, I still need to do.

What I did figure out though, is that what might help me cover all the ground I’ve got, between my 3 Focus Challenge and my fantasy fashion project, is that theme days will be very useful to me.

I’ll go into more details on this in my fantasy fashion update post, but Saturday’s will be the day I work on acrylics, in the morning if my husband isn’t working that Saturday, and in the afternoon is he is working that afternoon.

Coming Up:

– More acrylics purchases
– Picking up more canvases on Hobby Lobby’s next “package of 2” special
– Bonnie Lecat’s class
– Acrylics on Saturday mornings


Other than continuing to receive Ipsy & BoxyCharm, and putting on makeup more often, I haven’t done much with this yet. I’m still in need of a great thing for brows. Everything I try looks sooooo so fake. The last one I tried was so bad, that it was pulling eyebrow hairs out… those things are precious! I cannot be losing eyebrow hairs.

Coming up:

– Make a playlist with looks using my specific makeup
– Give myself extra time in the mornings to try those looks, instead of just doing what I would normally do


Okay still haven’t figured out a way to track progress on this one. Thoughts?

A friend of mine suggested doing a song a week on Instagram stories… whatcha think about that?

I set up my office, but we think my keyboard is dead. So we need to replace that, and then I can get started with Piano Dust Buster.

Coming Up:

– I’ll play with Notes Teacher a bit more
– Research a keyboard replacement

Business Focuses


Picking out my Canva templates, I ran into a problem. I’ve been feeling like my branding is too dark…. I’m a dark/snarky kinda girl, but I was pushing that into my branding colors, but it looked too literal.

Back at the beginning of the year, I went through my colors and I created a palette of colors to create my art with. I had what I referred to as “my canon” and the “expanded universe”. The canon was darker, the expanded universe was more bright and colorful. And recently I’ve been pulling from the expanded universe more.

I rather enjoy the juxtaposition of my snarky personality combining with bright playful colors. So I redid my header on this site, and updated my logo with my own hand-lettered logo. Are there more changes coming? Yup. But I’m excited to see how this grows.

But now that I know what colors I’m pulling from now, I’m ready to choose those templates.

Coming up:

– Choose the Canva templates
– Rework my Pinterest account
– Finish taking Pinning Perfect
– Officially launch Pinterest services on my site


I’ve been enjoying my board from Medium (I have the “slate” style), and I’m looking forward to another one they’re releasing in May.

I decided not to worry about a “theme” on my Instagram just yet, and I’ll just explore and see if one emerges.

I’ve enjoyed Follower to Fan Society so far, and I’m looking forward to my second month. As I mentioned above, I’ve chosen some theme days, so Friday is my day for doing FTF homework, and applying that to my Instagram.

It’s been raining or snowing here, so there hasn’t been a whole lot of sunny days just yet. But as soon as one comes up, I’m jumping all over that for a photoshoot for my Instagram feeds.

Speaking of feeds, I split my Instagram. The bookstagram community really seems to enjoy feeds that are purely focused on them. Same with booktube (more on that in a second), so I’m splitting my territory into “creative” and “bookish” for Instagram & Pinterest.

Creative Instagram: @amandasuehowell
Bookish Instagram: @amandasuereads

Coming Up:

– Purchase a few more major props
– Go through the modules in Follower to Fan and implement them
– Take advantage of a sunny day and get some photos taken for both feeds


I joined Jessica Stansberry’s VidFluential U and she has a 30 day YouTube kickstart, and I’ve downloaded it so I can work my way through it. Some of it’s already been done, like setting up a YouTube channel, but a lot more still needs done.

After an issue with my phone picking up the sounds through phone holder, I had to figure out a crazy setup so I could record from my DSLR. After a chat with Jessica, it became apparent that I either need a camera that’s really good for video, or a separate mic.

I don’t have a “new camera” budget at the moment, but I do have a “new microphone” budget, so I’m picking up a lavaliere, and hopefully that resolves the issue for now.

Just like my Instagram channels, I’ve split them between creative and bookish.

So my art channel is Amanda Sue Creates, and my book channel is Amanda Sue Reads. And they both need content, and trailers.

And just like the Instagram class, I’ve scheduled a class day for YouTube, and I’ll be taking my class on Tuesday.

Coming Up:

– Go through the modules in VidFluential U
– Read Blog Like a Boss
– Map out my videos for my split channels
– Map out my videos for Instagram & Facebook

How are you doing with your creative exploration this year?







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