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If you’re here, I’m guessing it’s cause you wanna know who I am. Fair question! I’m Amanda Howell, wife, mother, random-thinker, and multi-passionate creative. And I could tell you that I’m a Air Force Veteran, turned virtual assistant, turned mentor & strategist for visionary creatives (and then re-added virtual assistance)…but that’s probably not what you’re here for. (If it is, that’s all towards the bottom). So what am I all about?

I’m an enabler.

That’s right. Oh don’t worry! I don’t enable bad habits, or codependent relationships. I leave all that to the Dark Side (them and their silly cookies). It’s all about good things in here…creativity…dreams (BIG ones!)…visionary businesses.

Simply put?

I’m a big vision mentor for quirky & visionary mamas. My work is all about helping creatives, like you, pursue your big, crazy (AMAZING) dreams. Why? Because being a starving artist is stinky. Because you DESERVE to make a living doing what you love. And because you can’t change the world on a ramen-noodle budget.

This is not for small thinkers, or the faint of heart.

Being a visionary requires strength, because big dreams are scary! Not in a horror movie/kids jumping off the top bunk bed/Jar Jar Binks sort of way, but in a thrill ride/action movie/kid learning to drive sort of way. It’s a good kind of scary. It’s the feeling of a change coming on the wind.

I don’t encourage you to think outside the box. I show you that there is no box, because I want you to pursue your craziest dreams. I don’t want you to think you can’t run with the big dogs. It’s time to be free to create, AND make money, AND have quality family time. Why do I feel so strongly about this? Because I have dreams of my own!

Just look at that face. Born dreamer!

And like you, I’m just plain sick of the naysayers. My pastor calls them “Vision Assassins”, and I think that’s the perfect term, because it’s soul-crushing when someone doesn’t believe in you. Cause you’re awesome! If you’re tired of being told “just pick something”, “niche down”, “settle”, or “get your head out of the clouds”, you may be in the right place!

If you’re tired of being told those things, AND you’re ready to turn the tables and change the world, then you’re definitely in the right place.

I bridge the gap between creativity and strategy, and I do this in a couple of different ways. I can mentor you and guide you into creating non-scary systems that will boost your productivity and clean up your schedule so you have more time  for binge watching Vampire Diaries creating more art. I can also work with you behind the scenes as your virtual assistant, and handle the things that just don’t put a smile on your face (except for taxes… sorry, I can’t help you there!).

See that cowl? Made it! See the girl wearing it? Helped make her too.
See that cowl? Made it! See the girl wearing it? Helped make her too.

I don’t just work with visionary creatives because I get them. I get them because I am one. So what makes me tick?

  • I’m a big believer in eating/living healthy…but I can’t quite ditch my Mountain Dew.
  • I have big, big dreams, so I know what it’s like to stretch your fingertips towards something incredible.
  • I’m absolutely crazy about personality tests…INTJ here (but not quiiiiite as grumpy as Dr. House)
  • I’m both left & right brained…analytical & creative.
  • I pepper my conversation with references to music, TV shows, movies, and books. On purpose. With glee.
  • I play video games, card games, phone games, role-playing games…all kinds of games.
  • Not only am I a veteran, but I’m married to a veteran. We met in the Air Force while serving at the same base.
  • I like both Star Wars and Star Trek, but if I was pressed to pick, I prefer Star Trek.
  • I have Pinterest boards dedicated to my nerdy/geeky loves, including quirky humor, and clothes that I would absolutely wear on a daily basis!


Here’s the prerequisite 3rd person biography. (In case you were looking.)

AH_Session-19Amanda Howell ‘s life experience is almost as diverse as her list of creative interests. Entering the workforce as a volunteer librarian, and later going into collections and customer service, she finally took her passion and discipline to serve as a fitness instructor in the United States Air Force. After her time served in the military, she took all that she learned and combined it with her entrepreneurial spirit and started her own Virtual Assistant business. With an emphasis on author’s assistance to start, she discovered her true calling, giving all types of visionary creatives the help they need to bring organized, structured success to their many passionate pursuits.

As a result of her aha moment, Amanda has honed her skills and experiences into a creative coaching business where she brings those same aha moments to creative souls on their quest to avoid the starving artist lifestyle. With a specialty in brainstorming techniques, and business strategy for right-brained types, she builds the much needed bridges for artists who want to reach the other side of success.

Amanda is also a 3x best-selling author, an ever-learning photographer, and a crusader for a variety of causes near & dear to her heart. She enjoys songwriting, crocheting, paper-crafting, and so much more.

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