One of my favorite parts of being a military spouse, was the sense of family that came with it. When my husband was stationed in Georgia, I joined a local mil spouse group, and we met up for coffee to commiserate over our shared experiences with deployments, moves, parenting sans-Daddy, and keeping the spark alive during crazy shifts and months apart.

Not only did I have my local military wives to connect with, but I also connected with numerous women in the milspouse blogging community. It’s strange the effect that the words “me too” have. “Oh my gosh… your husband’s in the military? Me too!!!” Instant connection made.

Those “me too” moments have always been one of my favorite ways to connect with people. “You like Supernatural? Me too!” “You were homeschooled? Me too!” “You have a million kids? Oh my gosh… me too!!!”

That sense of community is exactly what I want to build into my business. I never want my clients, or even my readers, to feel like they’re just a name on my screen. Rather, I want them to feel like we’re just chatting over a cup of coffee (or chai tea latte). I want there to be a sense of community running through the heart of everything I do.

One way I do this, is being very real. You get to come hang out with me as I do Instagram stories from my front porch swing. I show off the lizards and deer around my house. I confess that I like to annoy my oldest daughter with a really bad French accent. I’ve shared that I only started lettering at the beginning of the year, and I’ve brought you along with my journey.

One way that I’m not so hot on this, is my about page. It wasn’t bad… when I last updated it. But I shared my post 2 days ago, and was horrified to discover it still listed me as a coach. Here’s a hint… I haven’t been a coach in a very long time.

So I was super excited to find out that Kris from With A K Writing, and Amanda from Amanda Creek Creative are teaming up together to help us create about pages that create awesome first impressions (and second, and third). So if reading my about page goof made you think “me too!” I would love so much if you came and hung out with me, so we can make our pages the coffee shop that draws our perfect new BFFs in.

Need an About Page that connects? Join “Your About Page Story” and begin your customer relationship on the right foot, with the right story and the most creative expression of it.


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