Join Me In 2018: Together We’ll Make The New Year Our Most Fulfilling One Yet

By Amanda Sue / December 8, 2017 / 15 Comments

Almost 2 years ago, I tried hand lettering. I’d done calligraphy before, so I was confident that I’d really enjoy brush lettering. But I sucked… when I say that I sucked, I should take a moment to clarify that I’m not the sort of person who needs consoled with a popsicle. I’m not being down […]

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Top 10 Yummy Foods Mentioned In Books

By Amanda Sue / October 17, 2017 / 21 Comments

When I was a kid, I remember reading The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe and thinking that Turkish delight must be the most delectable thing in the whole wide world. I picked some up later from one of those stories that has an ever changing assortment of gourmet goodies, and I was distraught at […]

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Inktober: Super Cute Octopus

By Amanda Sue / October 10, 2017 / 0 Comments

Every year I look at Inktober, and every year I forget about it before it starts. But this year, Amanda Kammarada mentioned that she was thinking about doing it. So I messaged her, and said “hey! I’ve been eyeballing Inktober too… let’s do it!” She messaged me back, and an accountability partner was created! Some […]

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We’re Turning Into Vampires

By Amanda Sue / October 4, 2017 / 4 Comments

It’s a recurring theme in vampire lore… or any paranormal lore, really. Eventually the creature has been a monster for so long, that they’ve forgotten their humanity. Time and tide wait for no man, and they wait even less for vampires and werewolves. The new vampires still have tinges of their personalities… they feel guilt […]

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Top 10 Book Boyfriends

By Amanda Sue / October 4, 2017 / 0 Comments

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   It’s National Boyfriend Day, and The Broke & Bookish is celebrating with the Top Ten prompt “Top Ten Book Boyfriends”. Though I was brief in my explanations, I thought long and hard about this list… it’s funny noting the ways that my taste has changed since I was a teen, […]

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10 of My Favorite Lettering Artists On Instagram

By Amanda Sue / October 3, 2017 / 0 Comments

I woke up this morning to the senseless tragedy of Las Vegas. That, unfortunately seemed to set the pace for my day. I read all of the updates, then I saw that someone had been fired for a crass response to the tragedy. I escaped by doing my Inktober doodle of the day, and the lettering for […]

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