You Can’t Become Creative

You Can't Become Creative | #creativity

The Michelangelos & Da Vincis of the world are few & far between. The patron saints of the Renaissance soul, they epitomize creativity & multi-potentialism. Michelangelo? Painter, sculptor, architect, poet…engineer. Da Vinci? Painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, musician, mathematician, botanist, anatomist, writer, cartographer, etc. etc. etc. They are our shining examples of multi-passionate individuals.

Under them in the creative hierarchy? Brilliant minds, who specialized in one or two crafts and excelled in them. Monet. Mozart. Shakespeare. Spielberg.

Then we have those talented professionals, who aren’t famous, but have that same potential…the woman who paints colorful murals all over downtown, or the brilliant film student who’s a future Sundance nominee, or the quilter who’s won the state fair for 4 years running.

Under them, we have those creators who we know, but they’re not known by many others…they don’t aspire to win competitions, or build a shop of their wares….they may  be the mom who crafts for school fundraisers, or they’re the sweet lady who crochets afghans in your church, or your sister who dabbles in painting.

And then there’s the rest. The poor souls, who just never figured out how to be creative. Right?

Wrong. There’s a devastating misconception out there, that some people just aren’t born creative. EVERYONE is born creative…but somewhere along the way, some of us lose touch with it. Perhaps we had stern parents who feared producing a “head in the clouds” child. Maybe life buried us, and we forgot to take the time to enjoy our abilities.

As a child did you ever…

  • Create a block tower, that wasn’t on the box?
  • Create a fort from blankets/clothing/pillows/couch cushions/boxes?
  • Have an imaginary friend?
  • Imagine creatures in the clouds, or branches?

As an adult have you ever…

  • Put together an outfit that made you feel fabulous?
  • Created a meal plan?
  • Coordinated decor & furnishings?
  • MacGyvered a repair?

All of these things (and so many more) are facets of creativity. It may be a tiny seed of creativity, but even the smallest of seeds can grow into something bigger. So no, you can’t become creative, because you already are creative. But you can nurture it, water it, expand upon it, and let it grow into something more incredible than you ever imagined.

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What’s something creative you did as a child?

Amanda Sue

Amanda Sue is an enabler for creatives who shun niches. Through her super-approachable classes & range of Pinterest services, she's here to remind you that you deserve to carve out the life of your dreams. Her adoring fans & customers have called her classes "fun + relaxing" & "refreshingly breezy". When she's not painting & Pinning, you can find her teaching herself to knit while she indulges her latest Netflix obsession.


  1. The problem has never been a lack of belief in creativity. The solution that never presented itself was how to be an ethical person in an unethical world without going insane.
    Peace, Maggie
    Maggie recently posted…Granny Time MachineMy Profile

  2. Nicely written Amanda. Funny how us creatives have our hands into everything. Thanks for pointing out that we are in good company & it is do-able!

  3. Thanks for this thought provoking post Amanda. I also believe that we all create things all the time but don’t see ourselves as creative as we think of creativity in terms of arts and crafts. I am not an arts and crafts type of person but creativity is more of a mindset. We’re creative every time we write a blog post or solve a problem is a different or new way.
    Kathryn Bryant recently posted…7 Top Mindfulness Quotes and what they revealMy Profile

    • Thank you Kathryn! You’re absolutely right…creativity is about SO MUCH MORE than just arts & crafts. 🙂

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