Top 10 Favorite Lettering Artists On Instagram

I woke up this morning to the senseless tragedy of Las Vegas. That, unfortunately seemed to set the pace for my day. I read all of the updates, then I saw that someone had been fired for a crass response to the tragedy. I escaped by doing my Inktober doodle of the day, and the lettering for my challenge. I spent a quiet half hour lettering “Loki” and drawing his horns. But then I retuned to more hate and sorrow. So for today’s blog post, I just wanted to focus on the pretty. 🙂

Flourishing Script (Anyssa Holland)

Modest Designary (Rebecca Hsieh)

Calligraphy Nerd (Andrea Fowler)

Amanda Kammarada

Amanda Arneill

Kiley In Kentucky

Oh if you only knew. This post is different than my usual happy, colorful vibe because I'm participating in #theimperfectboss campaign by sharing something about myself that embarrasses me in this small biz world. I am embarrassed and slightly ashamed to admit that I literally do not look at any analytics. Not on any platform. It gives me LITERAL HIVES to think about opening up an analytics page. So I don't. I never ever do. Not on Facebook. Not on Instagram. Certainly not my newsletter---why on God's green Earth would I want to see who unsubbed from my weekly emails? I avert my eyes and try not to look, try not to care. I try to not concentrate on the number of followers I have because my memory is too good, and I'll know if I have 2 less Facebook page likes than yesterday. I guess what is most embarrassing is that my skin doesn't seem to want to toughen and also, why the heck do I care so much?! It makes me feel extremely self-centered and just icky to be honest. Lastly, I know I'm missing a ton of valuable information about my audience by avoiding all of the numbers, but until my outlook and attitude undergo a change, I guess I'll just be ignoring and averting my eyes forever. Please tell me I'm not the only one that takes something so trivial so personally?!

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Designs By Ellen

Doris Fullgrabe

Letters By Melissa

Ian Barnard

Through wind, rain and 24hrs of daylight, we (@stefankunz & @willpat) managed to produce this lettering piece on a beach, in the middle of this gloriously country called Iceland. Thanks to @cadevisualsfor his excellent work capturing this on film. There's also a behind the scenes video coming out soon. Big thank you to @skillshare who sponsored this crazy idea that we had and going along with it. Over the week we were discussing how many of the courses on Skillshare have impacted us in our careers and how much it's benefited our business, especially the lettering side. So don't miss out on the 2 months of free Skillshare access using the code IANLETTERS and clicking on the link in my bio. You will learn so much in just those 60 days! Roll on the next crazy #letteringadventure #skillshare #lettering #handlettering #typography #calligraphy #learning

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There are so many more amazing lettering artists out there, and I’d love to know… who are your favorites? Do you do lettering? Drop your Instagram handle below! I’d love to come check it out.