How To Choose Your Own 3 Focuses In 5 Easy Steps

We've already talked quite a bit about my 3 focuses... we've talked about my 3 personal focuses: makeup, acrylic painting, and music. And we've discussed my 3 business focuses: Pinterest, Instagram, and video.  But how can you decide on your focuses?

We’ve already talked quite a bit about my 3 focuses… we’ve talked about my 3 personal focuses: makeup, acrylic painting, and music. And we’ve discussed my 3 business focuses: Pinterest, Instagram, and video.

But how can you decide on your focuses?

Step One:

Scribble down ANYTHING that’s been on your want-to-learn list. To be clear, when I choose my focuses, they’re always a brand new skill for me… that keeps the excitement fresh, I think.

When I choose one of my 3 focuses, I like to pick something that's a new skill for me... it keeps the excitement fresh I think. Click To Tweet

For example, I was asked the other day if knitting was on my 3 focus list. No, it is not… not because I’m not down with knitting this year… I totally am! But because I’ve been knitting off and on for over a year now. Are there still skills to develop? Oh yeah… in fact I just got a set of circular needles for Christmas (and boy are they gorgeous!) But I have begun learning to knit already. Therefore it didn’t make the cut.

Same with Spanish… Spanish is hanging out with me again this year, and I plan to knock it out and move to my next language… but it’s not one of my 3 focuses.

Step Two:

Now, jot down any skills that you NEED to learn, for work or life. For example… my husband is building a forge… but maybe, he wants to add a little medieval flair to his business. So maybe he spends the year learning how to make chainmail.

Or perhaps you’re a chef, but you’re held back because you suck at desserts (for the record, if that’s you… don’t try out for Chopped just yet, cause that’ll sink ya!) So maybe you spend this year learning as many kinds of dessert recipes and techniques as you can!

Step Three:

Look at both of those lists… if there’s something that you feel very “meh” about… cross it off. Heck, scribble that mess out. Get rid of it. If it’s not exciting you, you’re not gonna wanna carry this through for the whole year.

If it's not exciting you, you're not gonna want to carry it for the entire year. Click To Tweet

Step Four:

If it’s something you can learn in a matter of a few days or weeks, that’s gone too. See ya! This is all about stretching yourself… that’s why sometimes it’s better to go with a broad category, than a really narrow one. For example, if you’re that chef… you probably don’t wanna say “I’m gonna learn how to make a blackberry pie”.

Now, my husband will eat the heck out of a blackberry pie, so I’m not knocking them. But odds are, you’re not gonna spend the whole year making just that pie. Do you have go as broad as “desserts”? No, absolutely not. If you wanted to just go with “pies” that would be just fine, cause there are zillions of pie recipes out there.

This is your game honey, so you can make it as broad, or narrow, as you please. Just make sure that it gives you enough space to play for the whole year. Pinterest is much more specific than “social media” but there’s SO MUCH to learn about Pinterest, and the platform is always growing and evolving… and for me that includes scheduling services like Tailwind, and learning how to improve my graphics in Canva… there’s a lot of room to learn here.

Step Five:

Look at your lists… whats left? Are there any skills that play nicely together? Last year, I chose watercoloring, doodling, and hand lettering, because I felt like they played together beautifully. I had a sudden realization that if nothing else, they all come together in a creative journal.

Are there any that you’re more excited about than others? Write them on a separate page, and then circle your top 3. Bonus points if a glitter gel pen comes into play somewhere in this, and even bigger bonus points if you take a picture of your final picks, and tag me on IG – @amandasuehowell (and it can be in a story so it doesn’t mess up your pretty feed!).

Now, here’s the really great news… I’ve got a worksheet for you!! Just click the photo below, put in your name & email, and it’ll be sent whizzing to you faster than Monk asking for a wipe after a handshake.


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