In the last few years, we've begun to abandon self-care under the notion that it's "high maintenance". But is it really?

Every once in a while, this particular post goes around Facebook. In typical Internet fashion, it turns the question into a quiz. “Are you High Maintenance?” it asks… and proceeds to offer a list of items that qualify one as being high maintenance, along with randomly chosen points to assign yourself, to determine your high-maintenance quotient.

Every time it comes around, I see my feed flooded with 2 very extreme responses. Those who raise their hands to scream how they only scored 3… or 0. And the others who with a casual flip of their well-coiffed hair, announce that they are obvi high maintenance, because they know they’re a queen to their man. And b-t-dubs, if your man was worth it, he’d pony up for your nails too.

Ladies please. Can we find some balance? There is something in between leaving an unnecessarily extravagant life (let me clarify… I’m not anti wealth, I’m anti living outside of one’s means for the purpose of show), and refusing to buy anything but single-ply toilet paper. (Don’t do it ladies… your butt deserves better!) Spending money for the sake of a label doesn’t make you better, and refusing to spend any money or time on yourself doesn’t make you better either.

Cue rant…

Can you tell this really bugs me? When it popped up in my feed again, I was ranting to my husband about it, and he laughingly said “tell me how you really feel!” and I said “I should write a blog post!” and here we are. #yourwelcome

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What are your feelings on this? Have you ever been called high-maintenance? Do you take any time for yourself?

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