Just some of the tools for telling a story.
Just some of the tools for telling a story.

April 27th is Tell A Story Day. Storytelling is a time honored tradition for passing down heritage, culture, values, etc. It’s how fairy tales, legends, and family history have been handed to the next generation. It’s also an amazing way to boost your business. How can you use a story for your business success? The possibilities are endless, but let me give you some ideas.

  • It Can Be Your About Page

Mayi Carles has one of my all time favorite about pages. I know some people say about pages should be in 3rd person. Some people say they should be kept brief, but her about page breaks both of those rules & it’s awesome. She explains who she is, how she got started, and throws some adorable photos throughout it. From her story, you instantly know how you’ll feel about the rest of the site, and who she is.

  • Your Story Tells Why Your Customers Should Pick You

On my about page I let my geek flag fly. Why? Because I don’t just want to work with creatives. I want to work with creatives who are nerdy, or geeky in some way! Maybe you were a band geek. Maybe you read the dictionary for fun as a child. Maybe you’d rather settle in with a good book, than attend the most amazing party in town. Maybe you’re a gamer, or a sci-fi fiend, or a techie. Whatever shape your geekiness takes, if you’re a creative entrepreneur I want to work with you!

  • It Also Gives Backbone to Causes You Hold Dear

Erin Giles saw a powerful documentary about sex trafficking, and her life was changed forever. Because of it, she was driven to start End Sex Trafficking Day so that she could make a difference in the world. Her story separates her, because she’s no longer just another person talking, she’s doing something about it.

  • It Creates Your Brand

Your story shapes everything about who you are. It defines your likes, your dislikes. It directs who you want to work with. It’s the deciding line on how & why you do things the way you do. (Click to tweet that!) Melissa Bolton & Catherine Haugland teamed up to create Revolutionary Branding based on the principle of story-based branding. This allows them to create completely unique concepts for each of their clients, because it’s based on the client’s own story.

  • It Can Give Inspiration For Products

Have you ever had someone use your towel, without your permission? Gross, right? That happened to Sarah Burns, and because of that she was inspired to create Tag A Towel, a system to help the family keep their cooties to themselves.


So there you have some inspiration for writing your story! As a creative soul, it doesn’t have to stop there. You could sing your story, or paint it, or represent it through sculpture…the only limitation is your imagination. So please, leave me a comment and let me know how you’ll put this into practice!!!

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