Bloggy Confessions: I Am A Tweaker

So right now, you’re probably mentally picturing me with some serious caffeine withdrawal jitters. *twitch twitch*

Not that kind of tweaker, sicko. 😛

Here’s what I mean. Every day, I wake up knowing that today will be the day. The day I finally get my ish together. I get up, get ready for the day, get the kids going on their school, sit at my desk… and the magic happens.

Okay, maybe that’s not what really happens. Reality for me looks more like this. First, I figure out where my 2 year-old moved my planner, then I grab my calendar, to-do list, bullet journal, notebook, and pen and sit down “to plan”.

And buddy let me tell ya, boy do I ever plan. And I plan. I drum up ideas. Re-think my blog categories. Make a list of everything that needs “fixed” on my site.  Make sure I’ve got a clear vision of my target market. I scan my list of possible blog posts. I “tweak” the graphics on my website.

And then it’s lunch time. So then I eat lunch to re-energize myself… but then it’s time to do client work.

I am the queen of vision. I can dream bigger than most people I know. But I tank it when it comes to making those dreams come to life. When my friend April found out I struggle with this, she gave me the brilliant suggestion to track all my tweak ideas in one place, and then set one day each month as my official “tweak day”.

So if I’m on my website, and there’s something that’s annoying me, but it’s not an emergency, I put it on a dedicated page in my bullet journal, and I get back to work.

Then when my special tweak day arrives, I get out my list and I start working my way through it, and I cross them off as I accomplish them. Sometimes by the time I get to it, the issue has resolved itself, or it turns it I don’t care as much as I thought I did. Either way, it gets crossed off.

So tell me… are you a fellow tweaker? If you are, what is your go-to for staying focused?

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Amanda Sue

Amanda Sue is an enabler for creatives who shun niches. Through her super-approachable classes & range of Pinterest services, she's here to remind you that you deserve to carve out the life of your dreams. Her adoring fans & customers have called her classes "fun + relaxing" & "refreshingly breezy". When she's not painting & Pinning, you can find her teaching herself to knit while she indulges her latest Netflix obsession.


  1. OMG, I so relate to this! I’m the same! I’m going to follow April’s advice too and do a by-jo tweaking page! lol I know I’ll end up not caring anymore either! When the tweaking time comes! Lol

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