Every year I look at Inktober, and every year I forget about it before it starts. But this year, Amanda Kammarada mentioned that she was thinking about doing it. So I messaged her, and said “hey! I’ve been eyeballing Inktober too… let’s do it!” She messaged me back, and an accountability partner was created!

Some participants are just following the basic premise of an ink drawing a day, but I decided to follow the prompts given. I knew following the prompts would push me to draw things I normally wouldn’t think of.

On the 4th, the prompt was Underwater. Now I’ll be darned, if I didn’t have a song from a bajillion seasons ago on America’s Next Top Model pop into my head. But that’s not drawable.

I wasn’t in the mood for fish, or coral…. sunken treasure wasn’t floating my boat… nor was a sunken ship (haha). Finally I settled on the idea of an octopus. To my own surprise, he turned out pretty freaking adorable.

Olly the Octopus - Had I not given Inktober a try, I'd never know that I have the ability to draw an octopus!

When I posted him on Instagram, someone in the comments said they wished they could draw like that. But here’s the thing…. *stage whisper* I didn’t know I could. If I’d never decided to do Inktober… if I’d never decided to push myself… if I never started asking myself “what if” or “how can I”… I wouldn’t know I could draw an octopus either.

Have you ever tried something new, and found out you really loved it? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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