This has nothing to do with legacies. But it made me smile to make, so I thought I’d share it. You’re welcome. 🙂

The month of August is What Will Be Your Legacy Month. A legacy, simply defined, is what you’ll be remembered for. The piece of you, that will live on after you’ve passed. As creators, we have an opportunity to mold our future legacies. What will we leave behind? What will we create, that will be remembered for generations to come? Will it be kept in the family? Or will it be world-famous?

Dancing, apart to music with a beat, is my legacy. – Chubby Checker

When you think of your creative idols, you think of the things they’re best known for. Did they photograph only in black & white? Did they write poetry with all lowercase letters? Did they change modern cinematography? Did they create new dance moves? Did they revolutionize the music world? What did they bring to the table? That is their legacy.

I sacrifice in my love life and my social life, but those things will be there in three or four years. This is a really important time in my life. I can’t just be the girl who sang ‘I Kissed a Girl.’ I have to leave a legacy. – Katy Perry

You don’t always have to create with a legacy in mind, but to shape your legacy, you should remain true to yourself. Don’t make things simply for money. Make things that you’d be proud to be remembered for. Create with passion. It’s said of writing fiction, that every character has a little piece of the author. That can be true of any artistic endeavor. Don’t let others force you into a mold that isn’t you. When I was a kid, my family knew an artist who did amazing paintings of  trees after a storm. Broken down trees that were colored in vivid splashes of color. I loved them, but I could never mimic that style. I’ve always drawn as realistically as I can. One day, when I was drawing at the table, he tried desperately to get me to break out of that mold. But try as I might, I couldn’t pull it off. It just wasn’t who I was.

My legacy would be that you don’t have to give up anything. You can be chic but have a sense of humor, you can be sexy but comfortable, you can be timeless but fresh. – Michael Kors

So the key to designing your creative legacy? Do it for love. Do it for life. Be passionate. Be sincere. Be you. And leave a comment telling me how you plan to build your legacy. Is it going to be a family legacy? Or will you be remembered by many?

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