Join me for my very first plan with me video!

I love planners.A lot. I’ve poked around in ones from Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart… I’ve purchased ones from Amazon or bookstores. I’ve dabbled in Erin Condren, and Happy Planner. I’ve poked around in homeschool planners, blogging planners, day planners…. just about everything.

But a little over a year ago, my friend & mentor April Bowles-Olin started posting creative journaling spreads, and they were so pretty! In case you’re not familiar with creative journaling… when a bullet journal and a scrapbook love each other very much… okay just kidding, kind of.

Creative journalling falls somewhere in between traditional bullet journaling, and art journaling. Break out the pens, markers, and watercolors and prepare to get colorful! It’s not quite art journaling, because there’s very much a planning aspect to these babies. How much, totally depends on you.

You can find the complete spectrum on Instagram and Pinterest… some have everything.. a calendar, to-do list, monthly spread, weekly spread, daily spread… some just keep it very minimal. Some go crazy with colors, and doodles, and washi, and paint…. some have a few beautifully paired colors, and a sleek design.

For my very first plan with me video, I primarily stuck with palette of dark grey and a purpley-red color, outside of my cover spread, which I got a bit more colorful on. I did get a bit flustered during this, but I left that in, so you can see how to “fix” a mistake. Some people freak out and tear out their pages… but these are numbered and I like continuity. Instead, I try to embrace these “happy little accidents” (thanks Bob!) and see how I can turn them into something that’s pretty and still functional for my design.

It’s about 26 minutes long, so grab yourself an Irish coffee and settle in. 🙂 And let me know what you think! I’d love a comment from ya!

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