Very quickly, I realize that no posts went out last week, and I apologize for that. We had an extremely last minute move, and it was a whirlwind week of planning & packing.

Several months back April started talking about her upcoming CreativeLive appearance. Now, like any good online learner I’ve perused CL’s website many times, but I’ve never actually made it to one of their classes. But as her fan/future-good-friend-she-just-doesn’t-know-it-yet, I had to go to this one. Besides, who could turn down something titled “Build a Successful Creative Blog”?

Now I’ll admit, I was a bit concerned that this would be like so many classes I’ve attended, that promise worlds of new information, but there’s nothing you haven’t heard a million times. I always feel so let down when that happens, and worse, I feel like I wasted my time. And time is precious to me. So I pondered over this….3 whole days of blogging information…surely there would be something new in there. Plus it was April….I had to at least see.

I didn’t even know what to expect as I logged in…at first I just watched…then the hosts mentioned people in the chatroom, and I vaguely recalled April having mentioned a chatroom for the course. So I found that, and set my screen so I could see the chat & the course, and I dove in. The chatroom was incredibly friendly, and the hosts were lively, and April was doing an awesome job! And yes, I’d heard some of it before (like the value of lists), but she has a gift for presenting even that information with such enthusiasm that you feel like trying it again, even if you have dozens of times before.

So here’s some of my favorite things from her course:

  • She has fun & colorful photos throughout the workbook.
  • Her workbook is also peppered with quotes…I’m a HUGE fan of quotes.
  • She talked about goals for your blog. Now I know all about goals, and I frequently have goals in mind, but I rarely write them down. But there’s something powerful about writing your goals down, and then seeing the magic unfold.
  • She talked about comparing yourself to other blogs in your niche, not so you can copy, but so you can figure out what makes you different so you can use that as a springboard for inspiration.
  • She discussed avoiding trite prose in your blogging (which thrilled me, because I’m awfully sick of “yummy” being used everywhere…or God help us…yummo…)

There were so many things she discussed, that I am still going back over the workbook, and writing down little notes and things I want to try with my blog in the near future.

One of my biggest takeaways?

You should be your truest self on your blog. Formality is WRONG if it isn’t YOU! via @AmandaSueHowell (Click to Tweet that!)

I had a tendency to go back through and over-edit myself to where it no longer sounded like me. Why? Because I was trying to make it “proper”. And properly written English doesn’t start sentences with conjunctions…but I do. I also like to use exclamation points a lot, and some people think it’s annoying! But it’s me, and those who love me, will get it.

#BelleLive Blog Tour


This post is a part of the “What #BelleLive Taught Me” blog tour. This tour was conceptualized by a group of the chatroom participants, and since then took on a life of it’s own. In order to continue your journey, visit Jo Cavagnis (It’s All About YOU!) and Kristina Zabrano Getting the K9 Blog to the Groomer {Creatively Speaking}). Jo Cavagnis’ website is also where you can find a full list of the other participants. ๐Ÿ™‚