So What’s The Big Deal About Pinterest?

A little over 2 weeks ago, I posted about my business focuses for 2018, one of which is Pinterest. Right now, you’re probably thinking one of two things… a. Woohoo!!! Yeesssss girl, yes… LOVE me some Pinterest. or b. Well okay yeah, Pinterest is cool and all… but “business” focus?

If you’re in the first group… high five!

If you’re in the second group, let’s chat… cool? You go grab yourself some hot tea, and we’ll chat by the fire.. go ahead… I’ll wait.

Yay! Welcome back, and omg… that mug is SO cu… oh. Yeah. Sorry! Squirrel moment. Okay… Pinterest… here’s the deal… Pinterest has something unique that no other social media platform can lay claim to. People on Pinterest want to be marketed to.

Think about it…

Instagram, they want to see pretty pictures, or learn behind the scenes things about their favorite people.

Facebook, they want to keep up with their family, friends, and celebrities.

Twitter, they’re in it for the instant updates, or the snarking.

But Pinterest? They’re actively seeking out blog posts, articles, and products. For example, makeup is one of my creative focuses this year. I’ve looked for tutorials, inspirations, and makeup on Pinterest. So I’m not just finding blog posts, and videos… but I’m actively seeking makeup, brushes, mirrors, etc…. products… on Pinterest. I want them to sell me on these items.

As of January 1st of 2018, there are over 175 million users on Pinterest… over 80% of which are female.* So if women are your market, this is a gold mine… especially if your market is creative. But even if you feel like your product or service isn’t creative, it doesn’t mean you can’t be successful on Pinterest.

Caitlin Bacher specializes in helping entrepreneurs run successful Facebook groups… she has 16K followers.

Pet Plan Insurance has 43K followers. And I know you’re thinking… but Amanda, the puppies… hello, who wouldn’t follow that? But that’s the thing… they’re not selling puppies. They sell insurance.

I mean, that’s about as far from creative/artistic as you can get. But they know what their people want to see… and in the meantime, they’re getting their virtual foot in the door, so-to-speak. And now, when they pin one of their blog posts, or run a promotion, it’s going directly to all of those 43K people who signed up because the doggies made them smile.

Okay, so now that I’ve piqued your interest… check this little nugget out. When you turn your Pinterest account into a business account, they send you emails about upcoming webinars for Pinterest.

I know, I know… you’re up to your ears in webinars… me too girl, but listen! (Said like Navi). On these webinars, they’ll give you insight into what things you should be pinning for upcoming seasons, and holidays. In September they had 3 webinars… these webinars went over trends for the 2017 holiday season, tips on how to separate yourself from your competition, and ideas for how to promote your products for holidays sales.

Not only that, but they’ll send you the slides from the webinar… which is kind of my favorite thing ever, because I don’t always have time for webinar, but I can always zip through some slides really quickly.

And if that wasn’t enough, their blog posts on upcoming trends are insanely helpful. For example, one of my clients pins things related to babies… baby gifts, baptisms, etc. In 2018, sprinkle showers* are predicted to be insanely popular. Knowing that, you can bet your boots that we’ll pinning the heck out of sprinkle showers in the next few months. It’s fun, it’s trendy, and it’s a shoo-in for her pinning strategy.

So there you have it… just a few of the reasons why I’m really amped about exploring Pinterest more this year. What are you focusing on for your business this year? (And if it’s Pinterest, stay tuned for something I have that will help you get your Pinterest off the ground!)


*These, and other fascinating stats can be read at Omnicore Agency.

(In case you’re curious, they’re baby showers featuring candy sprinkles, like for ice cream cones.. the idea being that you don’t have to be left out of fun shower theme if you’re letting the baby’s gender be a surprise… instead you can use rainbow sprinkles as the theme.) 


Amanda Sue

Amanda Sue is an enabler for creatives who shun niches. Through her super-approachable classes & range of Pinterest services, she's here to remind you that you deserve to carve out the life of your dreams. Her adoring fans & customers have called her classes "fun + relaxing" & "refreshingly breezy". When she's not painting & Pinning, you can find her teaching herself to knit while she indulges her latest Netflix obsession.

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