I want to encourage you to find something inspiring today. Something in nature, something around the house, something your kids say…something in your world. Take it and run with it!

Use your senses to explore your world.


Look for color combinations, landscapes, plants, animals, stars, things your kids are doing, dreams, sunsets….see things from a new perspective. I like autumn colors very much, and I’m also fond of turquoise. How about you?


Listen to babies giggle, music that evokes emotion, birds singing, the wind whispering in the trees…listen as if you’re hearing for the first time. Laughter, music, and cats purring make me smile. What sounds do you like best?


Summertime is great for this! Juicy watermelons, grilled burgers, roasted corn, ice cream…savor the different flavors/textures/tastes. I’m totally addicted to fresh strawberries, popcorn, and sour cream. But not all together. That would be gross. 😉 What are your favorites?


We’re surrounded by smells, but today purposefully revel in it. What does your body wash smell like? Your shampoo? Does your husband smell like laundry detergent, deodorant, or sweat? Do you wear perfume? How does your dinner smell? I adore the smell of coffee, babies, and my Opium perfume. And my husbands deodorant. I almost think guy deodorants smell better. How about you?


Take in the textures around you. My Mom & I are both very tactile people. Soft baby skin? Heaven. Petting kittens? Bliss. Finding the perfect fleece or chenille throw? Oh. My. Goodness! What do you most like the feel of? Cool marble? Rough tree trunks? The warmth of the sun on your back?

The world is but a canvas

I really  hope this has inspired you to make something amazing! Please comment below, and let me know tastes, sights, sounds, smells, and feels you enjoy. And when you get inspired by your world, come back and let us know what inspired you, as well as what you made! If you enjoyed this post, I’ll love you forever if you click here and tweet this for me!

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